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Term Project:

Is Age related to the number of grams of sugar in people’s favorite beverage who attend Salt Lake Community College?

Brandon Marble

Purpose: The purpose of this study is to see if there was a correlation between age of people who attend SLCC and the number of grams in an 8 ounce serving of their favorite beverage.

Study Design: The design of this study is relatively straight forward. Stephanie, Anita and I split up gathering data so we each gathered 17-18 samples. In order to diversify our findings since Salt Lake Community College has several campuses with unique cultures, we each took a different campus to gather our data. I took the Miller Campus, Stephanie had the Jordan campus and Anita gathered data on the main Taylorsville campus. We only gathered people’s age and their favorite beverage, then we went and researched how much sugar is in an 8 ounce serving of that particular beverage.


Mean 27.67308
Standard Deviation 11.41159
Min 17
Q1 20
Median 24
Q3 32.75
Max 69
Range 52
Mode 20
IQR 12.75
Bottom Outlier 0.875
Max Outlier 51.875
outliers 57,59,69
Grams of Sugar
Mean 10.52884615
Standard Deviation 12.11220963
Min 0
Q1 0
Median 0
Q3 24
Max 31
Range 31
Mode 0
IQR 24
Bottom Outlier -36
Max Outlier 60
outliers none
Linear Correlation Data  
Linear Correlation Coefficient: r= -0.17593
Equation for Line of Regression: Y=-.186X+15.696
Critical Value .361


Difficulties: There was many difficulties that we faced with the project. The main one that I noticed, is I felt like there was a Response Bias with a lot of answers, there was so many people that answered water as their favorite beverage when they were currently drinking a different drink. So I think at least some of those people lied in order to seem healthier. Or there were lots of people that said that they did not put any sugar or creamer in their coffee or tea, when it seems like most people at least put a little in. So I think the overwhelming number of zeros in the grams of sugar data is inaccurate. Also I never asked people if they were Salt Lake Community College students, so there may have been some non-SLCC students represented in the data.

Analysis: For the Linear Correlation Coefficient that is -0.17593, when you take the absolute value and compare it to the critical value from table 2 in appendix A in our book. Its 0.17593 < .361.

Interpretation and Conclusion: Since the absolute value of our Linear Correlation Coefficient is less than the Critical value for 52 it means that there is no Linear Correlation between our two variables. The Slope of our regression line when viewed on our scatter plot looks like there is some negative correlation, but that is just due to the fact that most of our data is in 20-40 year olds, so there is just a lack of data in that area to show that there is no correlation. The slope of our line is actually -.186, so it is very close to 0. I feel that we have answered our question so that age is not related to the number of Grams of Sugar in people’s favorite beverage that attend SLCC according to our data. There is the slim possibility that from the response bias and errors on our part for collecting data, that there could be a linear correlation, but we cannot tell from our data that we collected. In order to better test this we would need a much larger sample size and way to prevent response bias to ensure that we are getting the correct data.


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